Tales with a Twist



He stood outside a shop, hungry. His family had left him on someone’s doorstep one day and never returned. The smell of fresh milk brought him back to the present, to the door of the shop.

A stranger poured out some cold milk in a bowl and offered it to him. He was too hungry to refuse. She then took him home and has taken care of him ever since. Humanity isn’t dead, he thought to himself, as he wagged his tail and licked her hands, expressing his gratitude in the only way that he could.


They had lived on two different continents.

They had lived two different lives.

He lived on the salary that he struggled to earn; she lived on the money he sent her.

He never felt her loss, because even after becoming a renowned chef he still used the same source to buy the best vegetables in order to make the best dishes, something he had learnt from her.

“One day you’ll make me proud, son” had been her parting words to him, words which motivated him to give his best every day.


He bought me, along with 7 others. I belonged to him now. He could do whatever he pleased with me, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Well, that’s what he thought.

He began by peeling my skin. It hurt less than I imagined it would.

When that didn’t satisfy him, he pulled out a knife. Began humming, as he cut my skin.

You’d think he would be prepared for what was to happen next, but he wasn’t.

I’m a fighter. Always was.

With every cut that he place upon my body, his body began to dehydrate more. His eyes leaked tears, his skin poured out rivulets of sweat. He couldn’t see. He lost his grip on the knife, cut himself  by mistake.

Disgusted, he dropped the knife, flung me against the wall and left the room in disgust, muttering the words “stupid onion” under his breath.

Victory never felt sweeter.


They were coming for her. She knew it. That’s why she had ordered groceries home. She couldn’t afford to leave the house.

The doorbell rang. She looked through the peephole, and it was a delivery woman holding a bag of groceries. She opened the door and the woman rushed in, along with 3 more men and one more woman. The women held her hand, preventing her from running away. and let the men have their way with her.

After they were done, the women let go. She wiped the green color off her face and said “I hate you!”

Her brothers laughed at her and said “Happy Holi to you too, sister!”


Today was the day he was finally going to do it. He had to make sure everything was perfect. He ordered the best of vegetables. He then cooked the best meal he had ever cooked.

She arrived, they had dinner. It didn’t happen.

As she left, she said, “I know this is our 7th date, so thank you for understanding that I want to take things slow. Dinner was amazing. I had a great time. Good night.”

He waved her goodbye, in a dilemma about what to do next.

She walked to her car merrily, oblivious to the fact that she had swallowed a very expensive diamond ring.


9 thoughts on “Tales with a Twist

  1. Did not expect any less from a daughter of a great writer and grand daughter of a eloquent grand mother. And best part is you top them both. Enjoyed each one of your tales.. Can’t wait for the next round and a great fiction in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

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